Traffic congestion costs millions in lost productivity. Manage commuters by keeping them informed of accidents, road works, traffic jams and anything that will delay their commute.

Send a UgoRound alert complete with link to route alternatives. Collect valuable traffic data in real time.

In many developing countries, resource-constrained traffic management agencies are challenged to mitigate congestion. They do not have access to the sophisticated tools commonly used in advanced economies for monitoring real-time traffic conditions and for collecting and analyzing historic travel time data.

According to UNDP’s estimate Dhaka’s traffic jams have been equated to a loss of US $3.86 billion in productivity each year. That’s 3.3 percent of the country’s 2012 GDP! Traffic jams cost Americans $124 billion in 2013. A study by London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that the combined annual price of traffic in the U.S. and Europe will soar to $293 billion by 2030, a rise of nearly 50% from 2013.