Activity Notice
Notify staff of suspicious activity. If you see something share something.
Event Notice
The event will conclude in 10 minutes. Leave quickly Avoid staying near exits.
Event Notice
We hope you enjoying the event. Look around and find your nearest exits
This area is closed for renovation. For your safety do not proceed

Business API

Add geo-location messaging to your Event App. Access our white label solution and drop in the API with just a few lines of code. Manage any location, multiple venues with geo-fences that trigger notifications upon enter, exit and even dwell time. Send patrons and fans relevant messages straight to your App.

Patrons will be visible on your web dash as anonymous dot points and can be managed in real time and in any situation. Download our white papers.

Location Based Messaging for your Event

Create Geo fences and triggers that automatically inform patrons as they enter, exit or even dwell for a time. Relevant contextual information through your Mobile App.

Track and manage staff and field personnel. Deploy to situations based on real time location. Email, SMS and Push Notifications can be sent instantly and at the exact same time.

A powerful multi messaging platform for any type of crisis or incident. Manage evacuations only in the affected location without causing unnecessary panic.

Flexible mapping solutions provides anonymized high visibility of patrons in and around your venues

Deploy our web based platform with no additional investment in your existing situation room.

Patented world class mobility status algorithms with the lowest tested battery drain.

Event concluded, now analyze movement behavior for next year. Hook into the BI insights module. Ask us how.