The idea for UgoRound round came from a simple question:

Can my City get in touch with me? If the answer is no, the next question is: why not?

Its true that we live in an age where the citizens of a city can find information relatively easily. We can find it on TV, radio, social media, from websites, from family, friends and colleagues. Yet if there is some important and urgent information that the city needs to communicate to its citizens, there is no direct connection.

UgoRound provides a city a quick and simple way to connect/communicate with their citizens. There is little doubt an early warning will save lives and property. Countries in disaster prone areas can send out alerts and keep their citizens informed. Contextual relevant information would be much more effective than a mainstream media blast.

City administrators can also set up and connect securely to a closed group or groups. We provide a comprehensive range of data capture tools that can analyse all sorts of information on movements and behaviour of citizens or a group.

Proprietary Geo-fencing tech will allow UgoRound to send notifications to a selected area. i.e. citizens entering or exiting the area and even within the area. A UgoRound Zone can be set to trigger a notification during certain times and/or dates. UgoRound Zones can also be created “on the fly” and users either entering, exiting or dwelling in the area can be sent a message.

Citizens can download the free UgoRound App and this will provide the city an anonymized connection. UgoRound will ensure citizen privacy will not be compromised using the App.

The UgoRound solution can send alerts to citizens for all sorts of reasons:

  • impending wild weather
  • instructions in a natural disaster event
  • traffic alerts
  • missing child alerts
  • evacuation instructions
  • approaching unmanned railway crossings
  • approaching unmanned railway crossings
  • tourist warnings and helpful advice

A UgoRound alert is relevant and contextual to me or my location.

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