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UgoRound is a web based unified alert and notifications platform that provides the responsible or authoritative agency an innovative way to send and post Community Alerts.

Send and Post Community Alerts to - notify, warn or inform. Operators can send alerts to ‘First to Know’ Groups and post to your dedicated Alert Map website plugin.

  • Alerts can be updated unlimited times

  • Manage situations end to end.

  • No Sign up or registration

  • Citizens remain 100% anonymous.

  • Easy to understand Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) layout

  • Access Alerts on Web, Mobile and Social Media


The City can create and post geofence alerts on their dedicated GIS Alert Map. Citizens can access anonymously on web, mobile and social media.

These alerts - notify, warn or inform citizens who may impact a geofence. We deploy a web based platform that allows operators to create and send alerts to a defined geofence.


A geofence is a virtual radius on a map that can be defined from 50 metres to several kilometres

A Community First to Know Alert is sent to a First to Know Group. Cities or responsible agencies can send important Community advice, instructions and alerts, and post to their dedicated Alert Map.


Citizens can join their local First to Know Group (anonymously) and will receive alerts and updates via the free UgoRound Mobile app, your website Alert Map and social media channels.

Examples of First to Know Groups:

  • City Quarters

  • Towns and Villages

  • City Buildings

  • Places of Worship

  • Schools and Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Local County or Council areas

  • Housing Authorities

  • Community Policing

  • And more


Citizens can receive these alerts via the free UgoRound Mobile app. UgoRound Alerts are designed to be sent by authoritative sources, and thereby positively influence actions and manage people in response to a crisis, incident or event.

Tornado Alert

Send any Type of Alert


Warnings - A Warning Alert will allow you to provide advice and warnings to citizens relevant to their location. In cases of an impending or expected event, the authoritative body can advise citizens and include recommend actions

Incidents - An Incident Alert can provide short and factual notifications of an incident that has occurred. Citizens that may be impacted can receive the alert whilst those too far away are spared the potential of panic.

Notifications – A Notification Alert can inform citizens of day-to-day events that are relevant to their present location. A notification can include details that could provide context of the event and suggested action, if needed.

Are you an Alert Originator? Get Started for Free. UgoRound Alerts are designed to be sent by authoritative sources, and thereby positively influence actions and manage people in response to a crisis, incident or any type of event.

We deploy a web based Admin Console that allows various administrative and operational tasks such as:

  • Create First to Know Groups

  • Create geofenced alert zones

  • Send alerts to anonymous citizens

  • Post alerts to your Alert Map

  • Share alerts on your Social Media

  • Create alert templates

  • Update alerts

  • And more


Send Any Type of Alert for Any Situation