A UgoRound alert will be sent to commuters approaching an unsignaled railway crossing

“Even the train driver gets the alert..”

Did you know: In most countries there are thousands of unsignaled railway crossings. Every year accidents claim lives and cost millions in damage.

In Australia between the period of 2002-2012, there were 601 collisions between trains and vehicles and 92 collisions between trains and pedestrians at level crossings. Read a Fact Sheet from Center for Accident Research & Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) about Railway level crossing safety.

A Times of India article highlights the problem in India: “One reason for the innumerable deaths at level crossings was the huge number of such points. Most recent numbers how that there were as many as 30,348 level crossing over the railway network of which only 18,725 were manned and as many as 11563 remained unmanned. Consequently accidents at level crossings accounted for 43% of all significant rail accidents and as much as two third of the fatalities.”

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