How UgoRound Works

UgoRound can be deployed in just a few clicks. We provide you a platform to set up virtual UgoRound Zones around locations in your city. A UgoRound Zone is a virtual boundary that triggers alerts to the app whenever a user enters or exits the zone.

A UgoRound Zone can range from 50 metres to hundreds of kilometres. Alerts can be automated or created instantly for the situation.

You define the type of alert.

Easy to Implement Solution

1. Define your Zone

2. Create UgoRound Alert

3. Harness Big Data and View Analytics


UgoRound allows you to connect with anyone who downloads the free app. Deliver targeted alerts to users in a 50 metre radius. Manage any type of situation with warnings, incidents and notification alerts.


With UgoRound can send relevant contextual alerts based on the users location. Trigger actions can be defined according to your logic: date, time, frequency, mobility status, location and more.


Each user with the free UgoRound app becomes a rich source of real time anonymized data. Your smart city planning decisions enhanced by crowd sourced intelligence.

What is a UgoRound Zone?

A UgoRound Zone is an invisible boundary defined around a location on a map.

Whenever a user with the UgoRound app enters, exits or dwells for a time, a relevant alert can be triggered.

Interactive UgR Events

Hover over events in your city

School Zone
Children About. Alert sent at 7.30am to 8.30am and 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Car Accident
Car Accident Event at Jonson crossing at 4.00pm. Possible Delay in traffic.
Weather Shelter
Severe Weather Alert. Be safe, go to your nearest weather shelter located on 3rd Avenue
Road Works
Road temporarily blocked due to burst water main. Work will continue until 20th of the current month. Commuters are advised to avoid this road if possible.

FAQ on UgoRound