Re-imagine how you engage with your community. UgoRound provides governments, cities and agencies an alternative to social media and even mass media. Send relevant alerts direct to users smart phones based on their location. Relevant, targeted alerts that is effective and proven in crisis management or simply to educate and inform your community.

UGR-Big Data

Multi Channel Communication

Location based alerts

Send millions of alerts for free. Send a short alert or longer message with details/instructions. Embed Images, Video and even Audio messages.

Send SMS to registered users

Message personnel in the field on our web based SMS platform. Ensure delivery to the right users in remote locations on any mobile device.

Manage anonymized citizen movement

Analyze and improve management of critical incidents. Discover insights using our suite of visualization business intelligence tools.

Command and Control Center

Intelligent maps show geo-location of citizens and personnel in real time

Track and manage events with end to end critical incident management tools

Send real time alerts in seconds. Warnings, Incidents and Notifications

Complex Big Data made easy with intuitive data visualization tools

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