Big Data

Harness the power of crowd sourced big data in your city. Every citizen with the UgoRound App represents an anonymized source of mobility status statistics. Powerful analytical tools allow you to visualize your data from a geographic perspective.

Our platform brings massive volumes of crowd data into an easily filtered analytical platform. Connect your city and start to analyze floating car data in historical or real time. Insights developed over time will improve how you run your city.

UGR-Big Data

Smart City Solution

1. Multiple Map Views

2. Analyze Real Time/Historical Data

3. 21st Century Smart City Planning

City Planning

Smart city planning begins with data sets. Collecting data from smart phones is an essential tool and every citizen can contribute. Crowd sourced behavioral intelligence.

Major Projects

Major projects spending decisions should be backed up by data. Historical floating car data provides actionable intelligence. Mobility status of your community can be analyzed over any time period.

Crisis Analysis

After a major crisis, use data to analyze crowd behavior. Learn and implement improvements in management of crisis events. Smart preparation will save lives next time.

Collect Floating Car Data

Floating Car Data (FCD) is data collected from mobile phones.

Things like localization, speed, direction , time and date is the sort of data a mobile phone can transmit

UgoRound FCD does not collect Personal Identifiable Information* to ensure statistics are anonymized

Anonymized Big Data

Collect valuable geo-aware data

User data is anonymous

Develop powerful data silos

Improve city planning and infrastructure decisions